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In order to speak so doctors listen, you’ve got to know how to reach them, what to say to them, and what not to say to them. Engaging Doctors can help you make a great impression with doctor-friendly marketing materials that establish you as a trusted source for financial advice. We like to call this form of content our “yummy treats” because the materials are irresistible to doctors as they offer valuable financial advice that is tailored to doctors!

Engaging Doctors will allow you to license our doctor-tested marketing materials for your own use. This allows you to offer valuable content to doctors you’re already connected with or would like to be connected with in order to build trust and relationships with not only one doctor but their whole network of colleagues.

Doctors want to work with experts. Here are three ways you can position yourself as an expert:

Done-With-You Webinar Package

Leverage the experience and expertise of another doctor by hosting a webinar with Dr. Rackner. Done-For-You webinars allow you to showcase your financial expertise, build trust with doctors and establish credibility in doctor-circles by presenting with another doctor who prospective clients can trust.

In this package, Dr. Rackner will deliver a webinar for you. The package includes marketing materials, specific tactics for promoting the event, and a taped webinar link you can distribute.  (Most doctors prefer on-demand content.) Further, she will recommend a call to action at the end of the event that will invite the doctor to take the next step with you.

Reach out via our contact page to explore this option.

The Expert Positioning Package

Get Your Name on the Cover of The 9 Money Mistakes Book or Myth of the Rich Doctor!

The single best way to establish your expert positioning is by having your name on the cover of a book.

In your custom version you get:
• Your name on the front cover below Dr. Rackner’s
• Your doctor-friendly bio we will help you craft and your picture on the back cover
• A foreword with your signature story we will help you craft
• An afterword with a compelling call to action.

Physician Power Prospecting Package

If you’re like most financial advisors, you might be wondering, “How do I get in front of more doctor prospects, engage them and convert more of them to clients?”

The Physician Power Prospecting Package is a systems solution to that problem. Through a year-long coaching program, the goal is to help you gain the exclusive competitive advantage and quickly become known in your local medical market.

Dr. Rackner can only admit a limited number of financial advisors to this coaching package. Be sure to contact us to explore whether you’re a good fit for this coaching package and whether your area is still available. We will interview candidates on a first-come basis. We apologize in advance if your area is not available.

License our doctor-tested marketing materials for your own use.


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