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Dr. Vicki Rackner translates the world of medicine into understandable strategies and tactics that are critically important to engage both physicians and other medical professionals. You’ll benefit from Dr. Vicki’s unique experiences as a surgeon, educator and medical community leader as she understands the most direct route to success in these complex and often misunderstood niches.

Our family of physician clients is growing and our dreams are becoming a reality. Off to Munich and the Dolomites thanks to the added revenue from implementing the ideas you shared.

One of the toughest gatekeepers in the world to get past is the practice administrator of doctor’s offices. Dr. Vicki shows us the way to not only get past that gatekeeper but to get the interest of the physician directly. As a physician herself, she has insight into the working of the office and the mindset of the physician. She is full of ideas and knowledge. This is a worthwhile investment for anyone who would love to engage more physician clients.

If you are interested in developing a client niche with medical professionals, I highly recommend you participate in Dr. Vicki Rackner’s “Cracking the Doctor Code’ course. This course will assist you understanding physicians, their practice, how they make decisions, and how you can adopt an effective marketing plan to starting meeting physicians in your city.

Dr. Vicki Rackner is creative, resourceful, knowledgeable, and experienced. Her insight is invaluable.  She understands how the medical professions work and behave while also understanding the needs of entrepreneurial people interested on developing their businesses to a very specific targeted audience. Thanks Dr. Rackner for a well thought training, your continuous support, and for the opportunity of learning in an environment suited to my needs.

I am always looking for resources that inspire and deliver actionable ideas. Cracking the Doctor Code by Vicki Rackner is a success on both accounts.

Dr. Vicki Rackner is a ten-strike find!! She has the background to understand the often complex set of factors that motivate physician purchasing and the common sense to package her knowledge in a clear, practical, results-oriented way. She’s helped my business tremendously.

Dr. Vicki Rackner is a person of integrity who walks her talk and offers solutions.

If the doctor niche is a market you would like to specialize in Dr Vicki Rackner is the best coach and resource available in my opinion. Success in this niche can not be achieved by just anyone and without the appropriate guidance you may find it very difficult to penetrate. She brings such comprehensive and relevant programs that will guarantee you success if followed thoroughly.

Dr. Vicki Rackner is the person most responsible for helping me find current success. She had me create a portfolio of intellectual property that is now on the web. She helped me find the best way to get the idea I’m promoting into the minds of those who can best benefit from it.

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Dr. Vicki Rackner offers a roadmap for success and the magic elixir of hope.

Dr. Vicki Rackner has unique insights. Her advice is insightful, practical and always exactly on target.