Speaking Engagements

Participants will leave this presentation with the ideas to help them enjoy the personal, professional and financial rewards that drew them to a career in medicine–even in this political and economic climate.

This presentation explores 9 ways doctors let money slip through their fingers. Look into your financial blind spots, and avoid losing literally millions of dollars.

This presentation explores doctors’ relationship with money, including their compensation, their ability to build wealth and the forces that shape spending and investing habits.  This presentation has been approved for CME credits in ethics.

Participants leave with 9 ethical revenue-generating ideas that maintain the highest level of professionalism.

Every doctor, clinic and hospital asks the same question: how do you get more patients?  The presenter Dr. Vicki Rackner offers peers practical information from her  upcoming book with the same title.

Over 116 million Americans live with chronic pain.  No one teaches children –or adults–how to respond to a person in pain. That’s why former surgeon Dr. Vicki Rackner created The Connection Prescription with a distillation of the best practices she witnessed over the years.   This presentation qualifies for end-of-life/pain management CME.

Topics for General Audiences

As a practicing surgeon Dr. Rackner defined health as the absence of disease; through her personal experience she came to understand health is not about being perfect; it’s about being perfectly you.  She tells her story that drove the transformation, and offer a concrete step-by-step plan for hanging onto hopes and dreams when life does not unfold as expected.

Brains, like fine wines, get better with age.  While itʼs true that senior brains arenʼt built for speed, mounting research shows that the overall brain performance continues to improve with age, peaking in the 70ʼs.  Participants leave this session with strategies to promote brain health at any age.

Some topics are hard to talk about. Learn to graciously conduct challenging conversations about the 5P’s: peeing, pooping, procreating, primping and paying.

Learn how to graciously transfer family leadership from parents to adult children.  Get concrete ideas to help parents “live and die on their own terms.”  This is based on Dr. Rackner’s book Caregiving without Regrets: 3 Steps to Avoid Guilt, Anger and Disappointment.

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