Success Stories

The $500,000 Webinar

A client called to thank us. He said, “I listened to your webinar right before I left to see a veterinarian prospect. Things were going well, and I thought we had built rapport. I tried to shift the conversation to business, and the doctor’s mood changed. I remembered what you said about the mental handshake – showing you are not armed with a sales pitch. I backed off because of what you said. By the end of the meeting, he decided to hire me to manage his portfolio worth $500,000. I’m calling your presentation the $500K webinar!”

LinkedIn Results

Tanner Holtman wrote, “As I engage in more conversations with Doctors outside of my area and client-base, I want to be as thought-provoking as possible. Do you happen to have 2-3 questions regarding a Medical Professionals’ financial situation that you have found really sticks with them and triggers a conversation? My struggle is trying to engage them and learn more, without asking anything that makes them uncomfortable about being too personal (does that make sense?).”

We offered some of our favorite questions from the Cracking the Physician Code course.

  • What drew you to a career in medicine?
  • What are some of your proudest moments?
  • If you had a magic wand and could change one thing about your practice, what would it be?

A few hours later Tanner wrote,  “Amazing, Dr. Vicki. I truly appreciate your input.  I started using your questions, and I can already see the benefits of connecting to their personal passions. Thank you again!”

Fast Results

“Doctor Vicki has helped my business penetrate the medical field virtually overnight. As financial services professionals, we have found Dr. Vicki’s advice and coaching to be invaluable. If you sell to the medical community, I highly recommend her programs” – Spencer Ford

Getting Around the Gatekeeper

“I’ve spent countless hours canvassing medical offices. Following Dr. Vicki’s advice, we were able to set up and hold a financial services seminar for Registered Nurses. Her program is crucial for anyone that markets to the medical field, but the real value is in her coaching. Dr. Vicki is very supportive and cares deeply about the success of her clients.” – Rommel S Naraval

As a financial advisor, let Dr. Vicki help you penetrate the medical field to accelerate your business growth.


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