The Fallen Heroes project

The Fallen Heroes project

Happy Memorial Day!

Every year I tell the story of a friend who honors Fallen Heroes every day.

Michael Reagan is an internationally recognized artist who has assisted charities such as Seattle’s Children’s Hospital raise more than $10 million through his drawn and donated autographed celebrity portraits. 

One day Michael got a request from a grieving widow. Her husband felt called to serve in the military shortly after 9/11. He died on the battlefield fighting the war on terrorism. She said she did not know if she could afford it, but would Michael consider drawing a portrait of her husband?

Michael said yes. Further, he told her that there would be no charge.

He says that as he drew this portrait, he knew that he would draw the portraits of every hero who lost his or her life fighting the war on terror.

To date he has sent more than 6,250 portraits to the families of Fallen Heroes– all free of charge. 

As I visited Michael in his studio, he shared that he draws two portraits a day. He says it’s all about love and respect. 

Michael Reagan will never forget the Fallen Heroes. Every day is Memorial Day for Michael.

Today we as a nation remember.

Click here to learn more about the Fallen Heroes Project. If you feel inspired, please consider making a donation to support Michael’s work. 
My best,
Dr. Vicki