What Financial Advisors Need to Know about Medical Lawsuits

What Financial Advisors Need to Know about Medical Lawsuits

It was one of those rare evenings when my husband and I were home having dinner together. We looked out the kitchen window to see someone back into the driveway, leave the car running and come to ring the doorbell. My husband answered, and the man asked for Dr. Rackner. When I arrived, the man handed me an envelope and said, “You’ve been served.” Then he rushed back to his car.

My husband and I went back up to the kitchen table and I opened the envelope. I was shocked. One of my patients I worked so hard to help was suing me! Further, I was not the only named defendant. “My marital community” was also being sued. My husband was in a state of panic. We had just purchased our first house, and suddenly he wondered if we could lose it.

This proved to be what most physicians would describe as a frivolous lawsuit. Still the anguish I experienced was very real. When the judge ruled in our favor years later, my lawyer said to me, “When it comes to lawsuits, even when you win you lose.”

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