Financial Advisors’ Biggest Mistake as They Market to Doctors

Financial Advisors’ Biggest Mistake as They Market to Doctors

Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re a financial advisor who wants to attract, engage and serve doctor clients, and you’re not getting the results you want, you might be making a big mistake. Avoiding this single mistake can help you successfully market to doctors.

Here’s My Biggest Mistake

In the 20 years since I transitioned from practicing surgeon to serial entrepreneur, I have made EVERY MISTAKE IN THE BOOK. Here’s the biggest and costliest error I didn’t even know I was making until years into the career shift.

My biggest mistake was treating my prospects and clients as though they saw the world the same way that I did. I have come to understand that business minded people—whom I call “Suits”— are wired differently than physicians—whom I call “White Coats.”

As a White Coat myself, I came to understand that if I wanted to sell my products and services to Suits, I needed to create an adapter to make a connection with them. Once I did, my business results exploded.

What This Means for Financial Advisors Like You

I have spent the past decade helping financial advisors successfully plug into White Coats.

Years ago I coached a group of financial advisors new in their efforts to market to doctors. Their ad agency created an email to generate interest in a service they were launching. The team leader presented the email for comments at the team meeting. The advisors were thrilled. In fact, they were giddy with certainty about the avalanche of sales coming their way.

I knew with equal levels of certainty that they would not get their happy ending. And when that happened, the advisors would tell a story to explain it, not seeing the difference between the reason they offered and the true cause.

I knew because I myself made this mistake more times than I care to admit selling my own product and services to Suits. How often did I write marketing copy that would engage ME—and have it bomb with Suits?

I gently asked the advisor team, “What percent of your prospects understand what these ten words in the email mean? And could you please explain the drawing in the email because I have no idea what you’re trying to illustrate.”

They were shocked. The email sounded perfect to them. I recommended that we create a series of four emails to speak to the four different kinds of doctor buyers. The campaign worked!

How to Avoid This Mistake

So, if you REALLY want to work with doctor clients, you MUST know how they think, how they make choices and what inspires them to take action. You can learn more in my ebook The 10 Laws of Physician Engagement.

My signature training that I’ve been delivering and improving for a decade—The Cracking the Physician Code Course—lays all of this out. For the first time EVER, I will be offering a free live fast tract training distilled down to the essentials that separate high performers from the hobbyists in the medical market.

I wanted to let you know first to assure that you will have a seat before I open the doors to the wider audience. The training will be delivered in a series of 3 live sessions: September 9th, 14th and 17th. All sessions run from noon to 2 PM EST. As always the sessions will be recorded so anyone who registers will have access to the replays. This will be pure content. And the kind of content that makes a difference.

An Opportunity to Learn How to Market to Doctors More Successfully

So, if you would like to work with more doctor clients, I recommend you grab your seat. Invite your entire team to participate. If you collaborate with CPA’s or estate planners or tax strategists who work with doctors, send them this invitation. The more team players who master the messages I will be delivering, the faster you will grow!

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