How Financial Advisors Can Increase Performance in the Medical Market

How Financial Advisors Can Increase Performance in the Medical Market

As I watched Shark Tank, I saw a product I knew I must have: The Bug Bite Thing. It’s a suction device you put over bug bites, pull up on a plunger and extract the insect’s saliva from your skin. It’s amazing! This one little product has made a huge difference in my ability to enjoy gardening.

I challenged myself: what simple, practical and actionable change could help me move closer to my business goals?

Last week I decided to eliminate TV to have more time for learning and creating. Day 1 of TV abstinence was difficult. I’m on Day 6 and it’s getting easier each day. By the time the new season of Shark Tank airs, I hope to establish healthier viewing habits.

What about you? What changes could help you engage more doctors and hit your revenue goals? Could you hire a virtual assistant? Ask your clients for introductions to Power Partners? Challenge a self-limiting belief?

If you’re not sure where to focus your attention, here’s a great place to start: explore whether you’ve identified the doctors who are the best fit for you. Struggling financial advisors try to be all things to all doctors; high performers in the medical market focus in a smart way. Finding your focus could be the one thing that could transform your business results!

If you want some help, I’m hosting a live virtual Find Your Focus in the Medical Market Masterclass. You’ll see ways to “slice the doctor pie”, and then learn step-by-step tactics for choosing and testing your niche.

I will deliver this course LIVE on July 21st and 22nd, 2021 for an hour each day. (11 AM to Noon Central). You will also have the option of attending office hours on July 23rd, 2021 at 11 AM Central. This is your chance to get 1:1 coaching from me. Click here to learn more.

What change are you planning to take on? Please feel welcome to share your ideas, and keep us posted on your progress!

My best,
Dr. Vicki

PS This is the only time I will deliver this Find Your Focus Mastermind training LIVE. Once I record this Masterclass, it will be offered as an on-demand course. If you want to get your questions answered by me, as well as the chance to jump in the hot seat, this is your chance! Click here to learn more.