The 2021 Medscape Net Worth and Debt report

The 2021 Medscape Net Worth and Debt report

Every year Medscape publishes a survey about physicians’ report of their net worth and debt. You can view the 2021 survey findings here. You may need to sign up for a free Medscape account before you access the report.

How can you leverage these studies?

1. Educate yourself. You might also find yourself entertained. For example, you’ll see that 35% of physicians say they never made an investing mistake!

2. Sprinkle statistics from the study into conversations you have with your doctor prospects and clients to support your your expert positioning.

3. Write social media posts offering your interpretation or explanation of a finding. For example, the survey shows that 31% of the men have a net worth between $2M and $5M as compared to 18% of women. How do explain this disparity? What are your thought about how women could achieve parity?  

4. Help your doctor clients understand they are not alone. You can use the data to point out that other physicians are in their shoes.

Are you surprised by any of the findings?

My best,
Dr. Vicki